You don’t need to be talented or gifted to succeed

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In my previous article, I explained why you don’t need to be talented to excel:

Talent explains a lot of success stories in sports and athletics; you hear stories about successful athletes, and it goes along the lines of the athlete always had talent, the athelete is gifted or had…

A little time for your mind will help you to lead a better life

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Appearance and mental health

People spend a major part of their lives preening themselves that maybe makeup, getting their hairstyle right: those tingles hanging exactly how they want but how many of them have stepped back and thought about their mental health.

Mind Pollutants

I believe the mind can get polluted in more ways than our…

Migrants are being used as pawns

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What’s happening?

Immigrants stranded at the Belarus-Poland border have drawn the world’s attention. Poland has refused to accept immigrants into its territory and blamed Belarus for the border crisis. Belarus is intentionally directing the immigrants to the border, says Poland.

EU approach

European Union has always had a “no immigrants” policy, and it has…


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